Authors can now publish eBooks directly to Kobo

kobo logoI recently published a new eBook – Ripper’s Wrath – the final book in The Ripper Trilogy.

That gave me the opportunity to try out the relatively new Kobo Writing Life eBook publishing portal, which I found to be easy and straightforward.

All of my previous titles are available on the Kobo platform, but I used Smashwords to reach that particular market in the past. Since Kobo opened the Writing Life self-publishing portal earlier this year, I have been anxious to try it out. It is much like Amazon’s KDP portal and B&N’s PubIt! portal as far as functionality goes. You have to set up an account with an email address and password, then fill out basic information, including a bank account and routing number where they will make royalty deposits.

Once the basic information is completed, you can then set up a title, fill in all the appropriate blanks, and upload your EPUB file and cover image.

Royalty rates are ┬ásimilar to Amazon and B&N – a little more generous on the pricing rage – 70% on titles within the price range of $1.99 – $12.99, and I believe 35% for titles outside that range.

I set up Ripper’s Wrath on Saturday morning at about 10:00 AM, and sometime on Monday afternoon, the title was available for purchase on their┬áKobo’s retail website. So just over 48 hours from the time I clicked the “publish” button until the eBook was available to readers all over the world.

Kobo is based in Toronto, Canada and has about 400 employees. They are owned by a Japanese-based e-commerce company. They offer a line of dedicated e-reading devices and have a strategy to make reading more “social” by allowing readers to post things about the eBook they are reading to social media – from within the eBook reader or reading app.

I have known about Kobo for some time and I see this company trending toward a larger customer base – all over the world. I’m glad that Kobo has opened the “Writing Life” portal, and I look forward to working with them on behalf of clients as well as my own publishing efforts.

I like what I see coming from Kobo, and I’m hoping that readers will recognize and support another eBook retailer who is willing to open a portal so indie authors have another direct route to publish with and by-pass third party fees.

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