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If you keep updated on the world of publishing, then you know that eBooks have had the greatest impact on the industry since the invention of the printing press.

But creating a quality eBook to present to the world can be tricky. The official Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines is 73 pages long and contains a lot of technical information that a lot of people have a hard time absorbing. There are a number of programs and conversion processes available for authors who want to convert their word-processor files into eBooks, but without some basic knowledge about eBook creation, the results can be shoddy and lead to a poor reading experience for a customer.

eBook76.com was created because of the complexity of designing a quality eBook that can be presented to the world with pride, and the security of knowing your work will look consistent across a variety of platforms and devices. We have been formatting eBooks for over a decade, and have watched the evolution to electronic publishing blossom over the past few of years. We keep up with the latest developments and techniques, and have a strict and efficient testing process to ensure our eBooks are the best they can be.

If you want to fast-track your project, consider reading over our FAQ page for quick answers. Check out our Project Pricing page for an estimate on the costs of our services. You might discover it’s not as expensive as you might have thought to get the quality your project deserves.

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