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In recent years, Print-On-Demand or POD printing has become a very good alternative for Indie authors and small publishers. POD is set up to print virtually any number of books – on demand – or as customers order them.

While POD is a great service for authors and publishers, creating the print-ready files can be a challenge for many. Getting page numbers to start at the beginning of the story, setting up page-breaks and section-breaks, and setting mirror-margins for the binding process of book production can be complicated. Adding headers and footers, and positioning graphics is another challenge for many. At, we have set up a number of POD projects, and can set the files up properly for flawless production. This allows the author or publisher the option of focusing on their content, not the technical hurdles of book printing.

In a typical POD set up, you upload your interior file – the content of your book, in a print-ready PDF layout. The POD printer will take your interior file, along with a print-ready cover file, and produce high-quality printed books that can be sold through retailers like and Barnes & Noble among others.

For instance, if you use, a POD printer that is part of the Amazon family of companies, when a customer purchases your book through Amazon, the order is sent directly to CreateSpace, and the finished book is delivered to your customer – without ever having to touch anything yourself! And this happens with a speed that matches other retailers who have your book in stock.

Of course, you are paid a royalty for each copy sold, and the retail outlet as well as the POD company get their cut of the profit, but it is still a great alternative to purchasing hundreds or thousands of copies from a traditional printer. Plus, you have the added benefits of  not having an inventory, and the retailer and POD company takes care of shipping for you.

You can order copies for yourself and bypass the retailer costs. You can supply copies of your book to local bookstores, and get your books listed in major retailer catalogs.

If POD printing sounds like an option for you, see our POD section on the FAQ page for more details and common questions.


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