Book Covers

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Dark JusticeYour Book Cover is often your introduction to a potential reader. A captivating design coupled with a clear message is imperative to capture a readers attention. The book cover can communicate a great deal about the book, and is intended to get the potential reader to take a closer look at your title.

eBook76 clients get cover files in 3 sizes, ready for upload to retailers like Amazon. Included are smaller images for use on websites, blogs and for online marketing.

There are two basic elements to a book cover – the artwork, or the underlying graphic images, and the Little Valleytreatment, which is the placing of text elements like the Title and Author name, tag lines, teasers, and back cover copy. The use of stock photos and illustrations for the graphics element is a good option at a reasonable cost. There is a huge selection of stock images available from websites like and, as well as many others. Most images can obtained for use for an average of $15 – $40, with some going higher and some for less. The images are priced by size, with a lower-resolution image (suitable for an ebook) being less expensive, and higher-resolution (required for print books) being more expensive.

Double DoubleThe Dark Justice cover on this page is composed of a single stock image, with a relatively simple treatment. The image and fonts were chosen to match the theme of the book, which is about a slave and his religious beliefs he brought from Africa. A drop shadow was applied behind the title. Author name in a bold font with an offset black layer behind lets it stand out. A tag line was added at the top to quickly tell potential readers something about the book. This type of cover would cost about $40 plus the cost of the image.

The Little Valley cover on this page, uses two stock images. The story is about a house that is haunted by its builder, who was the grandfather of the main character. The house provides a powerful image that just screams “Haunted!” and the image of the elderly man woven into the clouds add the element of a ghostly figure. This type of blended image and treatment would cost in the range of $65 plus the cost of images.

Print books are a little different, as there is a spine and back cover to consider in the design, and added text elements to design. When doing a print cover, there is no extra charge for the eBook cover, as it can be derived from the same design. The print version would look something like the cover for Double Double, Love and Trouble that is on this page. In this case, the entire cover was illustrated by Donnie Light and set up for print. Illustrations take a lot of time and effort, therefore cost considerably more. However, sometimes the author or publisher has a very specific idea in mind, and want to get the right cover for the book. For instance, if you have a book about a Ninja Earthworm, chances are slim that you will find a stock image of an earthwork in a Ninja outfit. In a case like that, you may have to get an illustrator involved.

Some of our clients have obtained artwork from traditional or digital artists, and simply have us apply the cover treatment. Just make sure you get a good, high-resolution scan if it’s traditional artwork, and treat it like any other digital image.

If you have a specific question, send us an email and we will answer to the best of our abilities. Or, check out or FAQ page for an answer.