Project Pricing

Basic Pricing Guidelines – details below!

Fiction eBooks, and narrative non-fiction – $1 per thousand words of content gets both EPUB and Kindle (MOBI) formats.

Technical non-fiction eBooks - (graphs, charts, tables, heavy use of images) – Contact us for pricing

Print Layout – for POD printers – $1 per thousand words of content – Discounts if we do both eBook and Print versions!

eBook and Print Covers – Prices vary greatly depending on needs. Basic treatments can be as low as $40 for eBooks, and as low as $75 for Print-Ready layouts. We simply need to understand the project to quote accurate prices.


eBook Pricing

The basic cost for eBook creation is fairly simple:

$1 per thousand words of content – $30 minimum. Now that is a general estimate, but the price can vary depending on the complexity of the project or any special formatting needs.

A typical novel, 75,000 words in length, with an author photo and minor use of other graphic elements would cost about $75.00, and we deliver both Kindle (MOBI) format and EPUB format, ready to upload to retailer sites. Links to authors website or blog is included. Fully-linked Table of Contents where appropriate is also included.

Things that can drive up the price, are excessive graphics, tables and charts, an excessive number of links, or other special formatting needs.

Print (POD) Layout Pricing

See Note * below for Savings Tip!

The approximate cost for “print ready” files that can be uploaded to a printer is the same price as eBooks – $1 per thousand words of content. We take your Microsoft Word, or other compatible files and set all the margins for print, add headers and footers and page numbers when needed, make sure all chapter headings are consistent, and create a dynamic Table of Contents that will print with your book. We then deliver “print-ready” files (typically PDF) that can be directly uploaded to the POD printer of choice.

Like with ebooks, special formatting needs can increase costs. Excessive graphics or inclusion of tables or charts can effect pricing.

*Savings Tip! – if formats your eBook, as well as your print book, we can offer a 50% discount on print layout. That’s just 50ยข per thousand words of content! Because of the methods we use, the creation of an eBook makes it easier for us to format the print layout using our files, and we pass that savings on to our clients.

Cover Pricing

Because of the range of options, cover design is hard to estimate in a simple formula. However, we can offer some basic guidelines that will help you determine an approximate price for your project.

eBook Covers – Because eBook covers are generally just an image of the front cover, and lower resolution is okay for website and electronic display, eBook covers are generally lower in cost than print covers. However, if we do your print cover, the eBook cover is FREE! (See note in Print Cover Pricing)

Our general method of eBook cover design is to select a suitable photo or image from a stock-photo retailer, and then apply title and author name, along with tag lines or teasers. We enhance our text treatments with drop-shadows and other effects to create stunning covers.

We offer clients links to stock-photo retailers we partner with, so they can search for images themselves. Once an image is selected, we can purchase the image and apply text treatment. If no manipulation, or minor manipulation of the image is needed, and all we need to do is design the text treatment, we can do this for approximately $40 to $50, plus the cost of the image.

If your cover requires digital manipulation or enhancement of the image, such as blending two images together, then an estimate will be required to determine a price.

If we select the images, and apply text treatment, the cost will be generally in the $75-$100 range, plus the cost of images. Minor enhancements to the image, such as changing tone, brightness contrast, or applying an effect can often be done for no additional charge.

Print Covers – Because print covers require higher-resolution graphics and include a spine and back cover to design, the pricing is generally higher. However, if we are doing both eBook and Print covers, the ebook cover can be extracted from the print design for no extra charge!

Again, because of the broad range of possibilities, using a formula-based price is very difficult. Most of the print covers I design range from $100 to $150 – just to give you an idea – but the possibilities are endless. Contact us and let us know what you are thinking for a cover, and we will be happy to take a look.