About Us

eBook76 LogoeBook76 came about when the Kindle and Nook eBook platforms became so popular with readers. Being a writer himself, Donnie Light knows many other authors, many of which asked for help on formatting eBooks and laying out print books and book covers. Many of those authors became regular clients, and Donnie launched eBook76.com to help Indie Authors and Publishers produce books that they can be proud to present to the world.
The client list continues to grow, and Donnie and Barb continue to streamline the process and listen to ideas from their many clients. New services are on the horizon at eBook76.com, so keep an eye on the website. We hope that YOU will consider becoming a client at eBook76.com!

Donnie LighteBook76.com is owned and operated by Donnie Light, who has worked in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering and Graphics Design. He has been creating and formatting eBooks for over a decade — way before the current ebook craze started!

Donnie has, and continues to develop new methods for creating ebooks to assure a level of quality that exceeds the industry standards. His methods do not consist of various conversion programs, but real eBook creation from a programming standpoint. He uses a blend of technology, stringent testing, and human intellect to craft each eBook as an individual project.

Creating print book files for POD printers such as CreateSpace.com and Lulu.com, among others is also something that Donnie does for numerous clients. Attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the processes and technologies involved are critical to POD printing success.

Donnie also has a background in Graphic Arts, and currently uses the latest digital imaging tools to create stunning cover art for both eBooks and Print books. Take a look at his Book Covers page to get a sampling of his existing work.

Donnie is also the author of four fiction titles and is currently working on his next book. For information on his books and writing, visit his author website – Writing Darkness at www.DonnieLight.com.


Barb LightBarbara Light, Donnie’s wife and business partner, is a professional photographer, a certified personal fitness trainer, and USANA distributor. She also works for a local company and wears many hats in the course of a day. She is not only an excellent photographer, but can also make use of all the digital photo-editing tools available today. She often helps with photo-shoots for book covers, and occasionally will model for one! Barb is also instrumental in much of the paperwork involved in our businesses.