Comments from eBook76 Clients

sharon_love_cookI hired a formatting outfit to do my first mystery, A Nose for Hanky Panky. They were professional and competent, yet impersonal. I was given a number and when I needed to contact someone, it was always a different person who’d respond. I felt as if my book was on an assembly line going from one tech to another.

Last year I attended Donnie Light’s workshop at the Love is Murder conference. His enthusiasm for the subject of book design and formatting and all that goes into e-publishing was obvious. I took his card, knowing I’d contact him when my second mystery was ready.

Thanks to Donnie’s efficiency and skill, book #2 was recently launched. He’s a perfectionist, devoting lots of time to getting the project done right. He made my book cover look sensational; I swoon every time I see it. Furthermore, his fees are extremely reasonable.

Donnie Light is your one-stop, go-to, e-book guru.

Sharon Love Cook, author of the Granite Cove Mysteries 


Andrew HeatonDonnie is a life-saver. Not only did he expertly format my book (something that I tried, and failed at, for several hours before admitting defeat), he did it on a quick deadline. Donnie got back to me almost instantly when I sent him the project, and when I asked him to do a rush job we were able to work something out. If you want a professional who is quick, competent, and responsive, use Donnie!”
Andrew Heaton, author of Frank Got Abducted




Donnie Light is firstrate! This is the first time I’ve self-published a novel, and he handled formatting the manuscript as an eBook as well as designing the layout for the paperback. He also uploaded all the files for both and made the process hassle-free. I learned so much about indie publishing along the way from him as we worked together.  He suggested a terrific web designer, who also constructed my site and coordinated his end with her. I highly recommend Donnie!

Niki Danforth, author of  ”Stunner ”



Andrea_testimonialDonnie Light’s expertise is invaluable in my publishing efforts. He’s created beautiful e-books from my hardcover novels, Hook & Jill and Other Oceans.
But Donnie doesn’t just re-format. He’s the go-to guy for all technical endeavors. Any time I need a book uploaded to Kindle or Nook, a new cover design, or some e-mystery decoded, I can count on Donnie. He’s always professional, he’s always thorough, his rates are reasonable, he explains the process, and his unfailing kindness has eliminated that sense of panic I felt when faced with the arcane enigma of “Internetese.”
Look no farther; you’ve found your e-professional.

— Andrea Jones, author of  The Hook & Jill Saga”


Margot JustesDonnie Light is a marvel; he is professional, patient and a perfectionist.  He pays attention to every detail, from start to finish, and the end result is professional. I know my manuscript is in good hands. He knows what he’s doing and does it extremely well, and his prices are reasonable. The one thing I really appreciate is his patience. I’m not well versed in the world of cyber space, and Donnie always responds immediately to any concerns I may have. That is deeply appreciated, and I love working with Donnie.

 — Margot Justes – Author of A Hotel In Paris and A Hotel In Bath



Stefan Bolz

Donnie did a file conversion into e-book and some (very necessary) tweaking for my first paperback. All I can say is this: He knows exactly what he is doing and what is needed for it to work. And then he does it in such a professional manner that I just want to go out and tell everybody about his services. Please use his expertise. You will be happy you did.

— Stefan Bolz,  author of “The Three Feathers”



Luisa Buehler

“Once upon a time I attempted to follow the simple directions (72 pages) downloaded from the internet to format my print books for Kindle and Nook. Ever hear the expression, ‘Do what you do best and hire out the rest’? Donnie Light does it best. His expertise is solid but his ‘hand-holding’ and his delivery are what pleased me more. Donnie enabled me to get my books out to the e-crowd. I plan to use him to bring out my back list in print books this spring. He is a versatile e-ALL artist.”

— Luisa Buehler, author of the Grace Marsden Mystery Series


Sylvia Shults“Donnie Light is without question the best cover artist I have ever worked with. He takes the glimmer of my ideas and polishes them up so they shine. He’ll come up with ideas I’d never even considered. His work is prompt, and he’s great about listening to feedback. And his covers are GORGEOUS. Bottom line? People DO judge books by their covers. And Donnie’s the only artist I’ll entrust MY covers to, end of story.”

— Sylvia Shults, author of The Taming of the Werewolf and Price of Admission


Connie Wilson“I have worked with Donnie Light on nearly a dozen projects since our chance meeting at an author’s gathering in 2010. Among those projects have been the conversion of previously-published back catalogue paper versions to E-book status and, most recently, the formation of my very own publishing entity, with Donnie assisting with cover design, production of  paperback and E-book versions, as well as posting of information on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Having worked with a very large, indifferent organization in 2003, I value Donnie’s willingness to help solve problems, his creative input, his industriousness, his promptness, his attention to detail and his accessibility.

Donnie designed covers for The Bureau,Laughing through LifeGhostly Tales of Route 66 (E-book version), and The Color of Evil.  None of this expertise and concern was in evidence when dealing with a large organization in 2003 that (a) lost all the sketches for a children’s book (which Donnie and I salvaged  and published on Nov. 9 and Nov. 19, 2011 working the book up only from old computer scans) and (b) lost my actual name for a domain name (Connie Corcoran Wilson). Donnie is unfailingly polite, helpful, prompt, accessible and knowledgeable.

I have only recently incorporated and begun to publish as Quad City Press, having worked with 6 outside publishers previously. My Christmas children’s book The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats (Nov. 9 & Nov. 19, 2011) and Laughing through Life in July, 2011 were thanks to Donnie’s expertise and knowledgeable efforts.I heartily recommend Donnie Light in helping you to publish, whether in paper or E-book format, and Quad City Press hopes to continue its association with Donnie Light through the soon-to-be-released trilogy The Color of Evil, available in late January, 2012.”

— Connie Corcoran Wilson, MS, Quad-Cities’ Press, Author of Color of Evil and Laughing Through Life


“Donnie Light has a keene eye for cover design. He knows how to grasp a story in a cover that reaches out to a potental reader and screams…READ ME!”

— Shawn Weaver – Author, Little Valley, co-author, Ripper’s Row & Ripper’s Revenge




Mary V Welks“Working with Donnie Light proved to be an excellent experience. He formatted my novella quickly and returned it error free and ready for immediate upload to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend Donnie to anyone seeking expert formatting and professional service.”

— Mary V. Welk – author of the ‘Rhodes to Murder’ Mystery Series



Amy AlessioWorking with Donnie was such a pleasure. He gave us great advice on our novella trilogy and helped us produce a professional looking file. It is nice in this growing business to find someone so agreeable, prompt and thorough. I will definitely be using him again!

— Amy Alessio – Author, Librarian, Speaker